Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Role of teachers in shaping the society- Are the doing their role to perfection

I feel the role of a teacher in shaping the youth of this country is of immense importance to have promising future of this country. With whatever success that we have acheived today it all atributes to the role played by them in the early part of of our lives. A major part of the time that we spend during our educative years are spent with our teachers. They have a major influence in the way we think and perform our tasks. As said by Stephen Robbins in his book Organisational Behaviour"Learning is any relatively permanent change in behaviour that occurs as a result of experience".Teaching once considered as a noble professionas is loosing its shine these days with the quality of people who are taking up this profession. It was once revered as profession that only had people who had passion to teach and share their knowledge.With mushrooming of a large number of private institutions the quality of teaching and the people who perform the job have left many wondering as to how the future is going to be. Many institutions have teachers who have hardly any aptitude nor passion to teach which leaves the lives of many in dark. As a Human resource manager, i have the oppurtunity of meeting many freshers who come with high hopes of making it to the corporate ladder but turn dissapointed when the fail to get and my worry is that the number is ever increasing day by day. Where lies the gap is it that our education system that is letting us down or is it the people who perform the job who are letting it down. Pl be forthright in bringing your comments to bring in a change amongst the adminstrators and the educators.


Shuvra Paul said...

while your view about a teacher's role is a replica of the general mass'attitude, i was actually looking for different initiatives that a teacher can adopt to create a difference in society.

rest all is known to all. if you can put in a few good initiatives, your article and approach to education will have a unique stand point.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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